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Learn who we are and our goals.


We are on a mission to help our healthcare partners fill in their job vacancies with highly trained registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and certified nursing assistants using evidence-based recruitment approaches.


By consistently providing quality and effective services, we aim to be a trusted staffing agency in the Los Angeles area, California. We’ll make sure to address our clients’ concerns as quickly as possible to gain and keep their trust and loyalty.

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As an RN-owned business, 5 Star Medical Staffing understands the complexity of the healthcare industry, from establishing a facility to hiring competent individuals. As such, we extend our hands to healthcare providers, including hospitals, home health agencies, nursing facilities, etc., to help them maintain a compassionate team of professionals. Our approach to effective staffing involves analyzing your business profile, values, and objectives. Then, we can match the right people who possess the qualities you’re looking for in an employee.

By working with us, you can save time and effort in filling in your open positions. This way, you can focus on what’s more important — providing quality care to your patients!


Please let us know what you have in mind. You may give us a call or leave us a message at any time.